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Screen Printing

Screenprinting is one of the most versatile, longlasting, and affordable ways to embellish textiles. Using this method, we take your logo or design and burn a screen which then turns it into a stencil for ink to pass through. For multi-color designs, a screen is burned for each color. The stencil, or screen, is then loaded onto one of our presses with special t-shirt ink and.....voila....your graphic is printed on the apparel. Then, we cure (or dry) the specialized ink in a large conveyor oven which permanently bonds the ink to your garment.

Before we screen print your custom design on any apparel, you will always see a digital preview of your design in color on the color of garment that you plan to order.This way, you can be sure that the design is right before any shirts are printed.

Our minimum order is only 12 pieces and that can be a mix of items such as t-shirts and sweatshirts as long as the ink color and design are the same!

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